The Night Chicago Died (Pt 3)

They found the woman, Dr Stephanie Gage squatting on the floor of her reinforced cell, brooding.

It had taken multiple blows to the head and at least ten jolts from a Taser to put this crazy broad down. That was after she broke one cop’s arm and knocked another unconscious. Crowe had no desire to get anywhere near her again.

“Is someone going to listen to me, now?” she shouted, banging on the barred window. “I know how to stop this! You have to let me go!”

Agent Winters approached the cell door, and Stephanie immediately quieted. “You are coming with us, Dr Gage,” Winters said. “But first, tell me what happened to your two friends at the diner.”

“I don’t know. They were there…and then they weren’t…”
Dr Gage stared at Agent Winters, as if examining a particularly fascinating specimen. “You’re like me, aren’t you?”

Winters laughed. “I’m nothing like you. I’m so much more.”
She turned to West. “We’ve got the vampire and the lich, now put out an APB for Robert Blake and Simon…whatever his last name is.”

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