Dark, Dank

The basement was dank. Hugging the wall, she searched for a light switch. Let there be a light switch. No stepping away from the safe wall, blindly reaching for a dangling bulb that might not exist, afraid of the thick dark enfolding her.

Her mind saw creatures scurrying across her feet. The house shaken apart by a sudden improbable Florida earthquake. Walls crumbling like blue cheese as she lay under rubble, stunned yet conscious, vermin nibbling on her.

Deep breath. He wouldn’t send her down here for wine if it were unsafe. He WAS screwed up, but he knew her horror of the smothering dark, being buried alive.

Stupid E.A. Poe.

Was that rustling? Hard to hear over her ragged breathing, yet…

Turning up the stairs, she decided to smack him so hard his slightly crossed eyes straightened and fell from his demented skull. Shaking hands found a switch, flicked it. Blessed be. She was still going to slap him silly for sending her here, the sick fuck.

Blinded by sudden light, terror spiked as rustling grew.

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