Dark Rising

There was a few seconds silence, then the sirens kicked in, loud and constant. Scott burst through the door to our dorm, he was busy going from door to door through the orphanage waking everybody up. We knew the drill, get down to the secure basement, orderly and a quickly.

It was at this point I felt my beating heart and the cold breeze on my clammy skin, damp with sweat from my initial panic. We were now scrambling down the corridor, all squeezing each other out of the way. I looked around at the panicked desperate faces, I’d seen it so many times, it was almost as if we were all acting out an elaborate plot- all characters in a play. I felt sick, another reason I felt like fighting them, just to end this madness.

It was then that we heard the screeching and everyone stopped, echoing as it grew louder. It sounded like two blocks away. Some of the younger ones started to cry.

They’re early! Did they know the lights would go out? How did they get here so fast?

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