Lady Liberty Marries Sorrow

La liberté éclairant le monde: The Statue of Liberty, Adrien thought, gazing at the now mild waters surrounding Ellis Island below. A slow drizzle sprinkled him with its saliva, matting his hair down to his head. Coupled with the November wind, it made for a freezing twilight.

After ten years of independency and grueling times, Adrien was not afraid of death. Now, he would have welcomed it with open arms, if only to save the ones he loved. There was no one who could save him from himself. He would have to accomplish it himself.

At the thought of what he was going to destroy, his eyes burned blazing orange—he lost control. Yes, he had to end it. Everyone could finally sleep easily, not having to worry about Adrien the Crazy, Adrien the Possessed. The Caretaker wouldn’t live on, not in him, not in anybody.

As he contemplated these things on the northmost spike of Lady Liberty’s crown, the drizzle became a downpour. He sighed. He looked down.

He jumped.

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