Happiness Over [scw(bd)ow's challenge]

I lay down in my room, and begin reading The Wedding Planner’s Daughter. After meerly a few pages of reading, the storyline catches up to me. I went from a bored mood to an extremely giddy mood. Realizing my mood, I decide to listen to Me and You by Fall Out Boy on my iPod.

Once I have that playing, I begin searching for a picture of Pete Wentz – just about the hottest guy in the world – so I could replay the video in my head.

Once the songs over, I’m just about in tears. I knew the video by heart, and it gets me crying every time. Wiping away my tears, I decide to go outside. Switching back to my giddy mood, I start dancing around in the grass. Suddenly, I trip and fall, my head being slammed into the grass. Laughing it off, I lift my head to see a four-leaf clover. I pick it, and pick a three-leaf one, put it together to see BAM – a seven-leaf clover!

Just then, my little brother comes skipping out, “Ding fries are done, ding fries are done..”

Sigh. Happiness over.

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