We Can't Run Forever

“What?” I asked.
The fog had returned and I couldn’t think straight.
Anna grabbed my hand and started running. We burst out of the tunnel suddenly, into a forest.
A forest? What?
We tore through the underbrush, the branches slapping and grabbing at us like an angry mother. We stopped at the lake.
“James, we can’t run from Them forever.” Anna said breathlessly.
“Huh?” I said in confusion.
“James we have to open The Book!”
No!” I screamed backing away from her. “You can’t make me give it to you!”
Anna looked confused. “James, don’t you understand what’s going on?! They’re going to kill us!”
I continued to back away.
“James, stop you’re scaring me. Open The Book!”

NEVER !” I screamed and hurled it past her.

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