Kissing the Frog

So, here I am, on this date, and he is going on and on about his ex. Oh please get over it! He will now be filed under the category, ‘never call again’.

Have I grown synical, is love out there. Did I have my shot and just didn’t know it. Yep he is definitely a frog. Those earlobes they are truly huge. Oh great, what is he talking about now, all I hear is blah blah blah, my thoughts are wondering off again, what did he say?

“So do you like doing what you do?”, phew, good question, he thinks I have been listening without catching wind that I have change the topic to start listening.

Should have told one of the girls to call me,....oh poor guy ok, let me try and pay some attention. Hmmm why is it called pay attention when its free….wait, Zoe focus here, give him a chance.

What’s my next question, “So where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

WHAT !!! Am I kidding, what is this an interview? Oh, it’s time to bow out.

“Oh, Ryan, the time? I have to get up early, dinner was really good, thanks again.”

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