Can't Swim, But We Can Talk

It had to be done. I couldn’t believe I even had the thought. It really wasn’t fair to James..

I looked at him with sorrow in my eyes. Why wouldn’t he just let me open the Book?

“James.. Why don’t you want me to open the Book? We know that’s how to end this right? And we have to hurry, their surrounding us.” I said, slight panic in my voice.

“Anna,” James said, his voice strangly calm and detached, “We can’t swim. Come here to us. Let us help. We won’t hurt you..”

What the-! I looked at James in horror. they were using him to talk to me! I grabbed the Book and hugged it close.
“What do you want from me?” I screamed.

“We don;t want to hurt you, Anna. Just open the Book and it will all be okay.” James detached voice told me.

I looked towards the shore. There was no way to escape even if I tried. James! I need you! I looked bak at Jame’s face. I could see him fighting their hold on his mind.

“Anna..” He gasped. “Don’t……”

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