I think I Love You

I couldn’t look at Lucy. She killed my dog while driving drunk, and here I stood feeling sorry for her.

“Ok, ok, ” I said as I quickly walked down the path and to the sidewalk, afraid to look back, feeling guilty for punching her, even though it felt really good.

“Cee, Cee,” I heard Joe say quietly. “Thank you, I know how hard that was for you to do. I know you loved Cotton. I…I just wanna say…,” Joe hesitated.

“Say what Joe?,” I asked anxiously.

“I…I think I.. love you,” Joe blushed.
I Laughed. O God why did I laugh?

I don’t know why, but a song popped into my head while Joe was pouring out his heart to me.

“I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of?, I’m afraid that I’m not sure of..,” I started to sing that old corny song by David Cassidy,of the Partridge Family, I’d heard while watching TV Land.

Joe smiled and we both began to sing, “oh, I think I love you..”

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