The Attack

Suddenly, a bold shadow slunk out of the bushes. It stood tall like a giant. It towered over the girls as if trying to decide which one it would attack first.
“What is that thing?” Abbie whispered to Alexia, her voice quivering.
“I…I don’t know.” Alexia whispered back, she sounded almost breathless.
All they could do was stand there staring at it in terror.
‘I have to get out of here.’ Abbie thought to herself. ‘But why can’t I move?’
‘I have to run, but I can’t move!’ Thought Alexia. ‘What am I going to do?’
Suddenly, it lept at them, and it looked as if it were running on clouds. In an instant it was in their faces snarling like an angry wolf.
“Finally, a meal. I’ve waited for the longest time to find two delicious morcels like you.” It snarled.
The girls wanted to scream, but they couldn’t. After what seemed like an eternity, Abbie and Alexia finally turned to run, but before they could, it had them.
There was a scream in the night that drifted into nothingness. Then, silence followed.

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