Bijoti lay in the field, craving what she couldn’t eat. When Carmen approached, she sat up.
“I feel uneasy. Something is awry.” He sniffed the air.
“What are you saying?” Her eyes were dull, but her senses were dangerously high.
“I’m saying don’t do anything stupid. Don’t give in, Bijoti.” Bijoti breathed deeply.
“Carmen, don’t you ever get tired of not giving in? My head hurts.”
“We’re different, but we are the same.” He struggled to keep his voice normal. “I am hungry, too.” Carmen growled.
Wilhem looked at Bijoti over the piano. “I know you’re still hanging around that cur. Don’t let your guard down. It’s what he wants you to do.” He warned without missing a note.
“Yea, okay, whatever, Wil. I’m hungry. I cannot survive like this!” Her fist came down on the back of the piano. It left an imprint.
“So, choose a chicken from out back.” His body moved with each key.
“When don’t have any more. You had the last one. You’re an excellent planner.” She said sarcastically.

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