Dead Girls Don't Say No

Dr. Stephanie Gage leaned over the desk, checking infection simulations as Officer Crowe pumped away behind her, doing his dutiful best to bring her to orgasm. His thrusts and grunts were useless; Stephanie couldn’t feel a thing.

“Being an indestructible walking corpse is quite annoying,” she thought, bitterly. “OK, enough,” Stephanie commanded, and Crowe abruptly stopped.

“What just happened?” Crowe asked, naked and confused.

Stephanie adjusted her skirt and returned to the test results. “I mind controlled you into committing necrophilia,” she stated matter-of-factly.

Stephanie was in a pissy mood and torturing her babysitter/plaything was the only thing that made her feel slightly better. Not only could she not get-off properly, but her skin was going yellowish, she was sure that she was starting to give off an odor and this data wasn’t making any sense.

And now, someone was shooting in the halls.

“Go check that out, why don’t you?” Stephanie told Crowe. “And put your penis away. It depresses me.”

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