One Thousand Strong

Lilith soared on wings of darkness, pausing only briefly; once, to visit the cot of a crying child. Lilith whispered, and it was silent, forever. Again, she tarried at the bedside of an expectant mother, laying unseen hands upon her gravid belly.

The woman gave birth to a thing that night: a lump of wriggling flesh with a dozen toothless mouths, each mouth proclaiming “Iä! Ki-sikil-lil-la-ke! Iä!

For this was Lilith’s promise, her covenant with the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve: “Call my children monsters and murder them and I will do the same to yours.”

Soon, Lilith would be reunited with her children, dead, yet dreaming, for so many eons. They had escaped their prison, entered the bodies of mortals, and reveled in anarchy and destruction.

Lilith’s children felt their mother’s approach and, as one, lifted their gore-smeared faces to the skies. One thousand tongues cried out in one voice: “Iä! She has come!”

Lilith’s children, one thousand strong, marched forth to witness their mother’s rebirth.

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