Best Friends For Never

Even if you have friends, those who are so close to you, they get hurt. You’ll find they move away, pass away, or drift away.
My friend passed away of bone cancer in August. He was 13. He was a good friend, one my brother and I said we could always count on. He was like family, but now he’s gone, and it wasn’t even his own choice.
Another one of my friends will be taken away from me next year. His parents will send him to a different school, a Christian school. He isn’t Christian though, and there he will be an outcast with no friends. I will be alone and surrounded by people who will call me their friend, but back stab me in the end. He is a true friend, but alas, he will also depart from me.
I had a close friend for at least six years. But she found “better” friends and now we rarely talk.
It’s the same story all around, no body will have enough friends, enough good, true, forever friends. Best friends forever… is more like for never at all…

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