Whats that Saying about the Birds?

It wasnt that hard.He was so zoned in on the ipod article,he didnt even hear me.The Tuscon heat sweltered in the bookstore;heatwaves radiated off the tarmac.No one else was in the bookstore,it wasnt even lunch time yet.Sorry sucker, I thought to myself,I need the cash.I raised the gun to the back of the man’s head,he still didnt know I was there.The sights aligned,pointing straight through his head and into his private cell in Hell.
“Wait.Whatever they’re paying you,it isnt enough.”he stated calmly.I nearly jumped out of my skin,the bastard hadnt even looked up.
“Trust me,my research is priceless.We’ll make millions in weeks.Whatever they’re paying you now I could make up within minutes of my findings hitting the main screen.”
I pull the trigger,and punch his 1 way ticket to Hell.He wulda jipped me anyways.Whats that saying about the birds?1 in the hand or something like that.I shrug my shoulders and exit the store,still unnoticed by the staff. My bike roars to life as I hear a shrill scream behind me.

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