Stella Starr and The City of the Super-Apes: Monkey Trouble

“The monkeys told me I’d find you here, Dr. Munroe,” Stella said, her .38 aimed at the doctor.

“Stella Starr, Girl Detective. S.A.F.E. must have been desperate to send you all this way to find me, ” Munroe answered as he puffed his opium pipe. “And those aren’t monkeys; they’re apes. Super-intelligent apes that posses a level of technology far beyond human comprehension. Show some god-damned respect.”

“I could give less than a crap about your apes. All I know is some sap paid me a lot of dough to drag you back Stateside. So, drop the dope Doc and lets get a wiggle on,” said the 16-year-old adventurer, cocking her pistol. “I’m getting impatient.”

Munroe stroked his dirty beard, taking a drag on his pipe. “I don’t think so. Stella Starr, I’d like you to meet my wife,” he said, a smirk forming on his lips.

Stella barely had time to turn as a hairy fist crashed down, knocking her gun away. A gorilla stood before her, beating it’s chest and snarling.

“Okay, monkey, ” Stella said, “let’s see what you’ve got.”

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