May As Well Have Some Fun

I didn’t make it, but everybody seemed to gawk at me anyway.

The goalie was an “obese individual” as we all called him, but he was a fairly good goalie. I kicked it straight to him, he caught it, shot back about a foot, and landed on his butt. I was even amazed with myself.

I turned around and looked at Chad, hoping he’d be proud of me. But instead, he was over at the bleachers, hanging with his girlfriend, who I despise but pretend to like for Chad’s sake.

I act as if he were oblivious to me, and jog over to Derick. “Did I do it right?”

“Uh, ye-yeah, you d-did great.” he mangages to stutter through his gaze.

I giggle flirtatiously. “Thanks!” I say and jog back to my position.

If Chad’s not going to notice me, I may as well have some fun flirting with everybody else, right? I mean, who is he to wave his girlfriend around when I just made the best shot in the world!

“Christy! Meet me after the game, I have to ask you something.” Derick yells after me as the game continues.

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