More Odd Choices, Geekily Done [360 Challenge]

“So, no DC fans?” queried Glen, strolling in from the hall, the dutiful RA checking up on things. He needn’t have worried. Things rarely got much more exciting than this at a religious institution of higher learning.

“I already said Superman,” corrected Byron, “and Matt got dibs on Flash.”

“Good choices,” Glen said, “Let me just say…Green Lantern. He’s very versatile.” Marble seven fled the pocket.

“That’s not a power; it’s a fashion accessory,” whine Scott.

“I’ll take Spiderman—not overly powerful, no deformation, and nice variety of abilities,” one of the Ryans said. I say one of the Ryans because there two guys named Ryan, not that it matters. An eighth slippery orb exited the baggy pocket.

“I’ll give you that one,” Scott shrugged.

“What about you Scott?” Glen said, putting it back on the nay-sayer.

“Oh, I’m not ambitious,” he answered, “Invisible Woman’s powers would be fine.” Marble nine was no longer in its place.

“Dude, that’s a little gay,” I blurted.

“It’s a power, not a lifestyle!”

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