Speak of the Devil

“So what do we do?” asked Chelsea.

“How should I know?” answered Lindsay.

“Well we might want to think of something… I mean you’ve been with Jake for almost 2 months and I’ve been with Troy almost 3… That’s really not that long, yet it seems like forever.” said Chelsea.

“I know I know, but what is there to do? Jake is obsessed with me, but doesn’t show it physically, and well… Troy is obsessed with you too, but he shows it a little to much.” stated Lindsay.

Ring Ring Chelsea went to grab her phone.

“Well speak of the devil, it’s Troy, should I try and talk to him now?” said Chelsea with a crack in her voice.

“Take a deep breath and I’ll help you”

“God I love you Linds, after this we’re calling Jake” Chelsea said smiling.

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