It’s head swayed from side to side,searching,always searching. Lateral lines were ready, detecting even the slightest movement of prey. It stopped suddenly,its torpedo shaped head swinging around quickly as it detected vibrations in the nearby water. It saw 2 legs,pale and spindly,splashing freely in the current.It was one of the land dwellers,a tasty and rare treat. It circled around,not wanting to scare off the special of the day. It dove down near the bottom, gained speed,and rushed upwards in a spray of foam for the kill.

The little girl screamed and ran out of the water as fast as she could. In fact,it was the first time since Jesus that someone walked on water. Little Tommy splashed in the surf and laughed explosively at his sister’s expense. Sarah pouted and stood close by to mommy, refusing to go back in until Tommy said sorry. Tommy mumbled softly and sunk into the water.This shark could wait:this shark could go onto land.

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