First Dawn

The subtle silver beams of moonlight caressed the lake’s surface and started to fade as dawn’s first rays ignited. Cassidy glanced at the rocking motions of the water and flipped through the pages of a book, not absorbing a word.

Samantha: so, she was his new little sister, so far kind of annoying at times, but he supposed that’s what little sisters were supposed to be. He did notice that though she was many a time her eight-year-old self, she could go beyond her years. Auburn-ish hair. Always had something in her mouth, whether it be peppermints, suckers, or her favorite, bubblegum.

The last conversation with her had been sort of unsettling. What did he believe? He didn’t like to talk about it, and most of the time, he really could convince himself he didn’t believe anything. The previous foster homes had made sure of that.

Cassidy sighed, threw his copy of Moby Dick in the water—after all, he was sure that was where it belonged, and stood up, dusting himself off. He had to get home.

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