“No! You said something, now tell me.”

I looked from left to right, so as to make him think that this was confidential information.

“Okay, so you know how I shot that one amazing goal?”

“Uh.. yeah, yeah.. go on.”

I roll my eyes. “Oh save it. I saw you over there with Bryn.”

“Can you blame me?” he searches through his Recently Missed Calls to see if she had called him.

I punch him in the arm and continue. “Anyway! He was totally going to ask me something and then he didn’t becaus-” I stopped.

Was I doing this because I liked him, or because I was trying to make Chad jealous?

”..because..” Chad made a swirling motion with his hand.

“Oh look! My house! See ya later, Chad!”

“But Christy!” he yelled after me, but I kept on running, refusing to turn back. “That’s not your house! That’s Mrs-”

I slammed the door.

“Christy! I didn’t think you were going to come over! I thought I was only supposed to call you!” somebody said from down the hall.

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