Greg and Vicky reluctantly stood by, watching the divers attempting to revive Adrien, though they could tell his heart had stopped long ago. It would be a miracle if he survived. One diver pumped his hands up and down on Adrien’s chest, thrusting the water from his lungs. Others stood by with emergency medical equipment and phones, calling for ambulances.

Greg knitted his eyebrows, sick with dread. This was a replica of the alleyway incident, but backwards. Then, Adrien’s two hearts were jumping erratically. Now, there was only one, and it was lifeless.

The diver performing CPR looked up as pulsating lights blinked into view and a siren wailed. “We can’t do anything more here. All we can do is pray now,” he said to Greg. Greg nodded, feeling lightheaded.

The gray drizzle of rain started up again, transforming the ambulance into a distorted mirage. The lights on top, however, blasted through the rain, proclaiming the sad cargo inside, whether it be alive or not.

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