The Human Touch

As little kids we are always told, “Don’t Touch, that’s hot!â€? or “You cant touch that or you’ll break it!â€?. It is programmed into our brains not to touch. In reality, touching is good. Touching is more important than water, food or sleep. If a puppy is never held, never touched, even if it is fed and nourished it WILL die.

Imagine, never being held, never being kissed, hit, burned or feeling the warmth of another living being. Never loving or being loved in turn. Imagine a world where everyone has a bubble around them, talking, going on with everday life, but never even brushing hands. You cant. For if you could this world would be empty. Without touch, we would not exist.

Sometimes, we have to feel the heat to know that we can burn. We have to break things to know that we can put them back together. We have to touch to know that we can still feel.

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