Lying On The Floor

The music kept droning on below, I lay on the floor just feeling its vibrations. It wasnt that I liked this song or even that I liked music. Although, I bet I would like music very much if I could hear it. Who am I kidding? I would love music, I do love music! Its that thing you cant have that you always love. For you it may be that fancy sports car or the hottest chick in school, you never will have them which makes you love and want them even more. But for me its more than just fickle things. I never heard him say “I love you.” I never heard the wedding bells. I never heard my baby boy cry. I never heard the car crash. I never heard my own screams, I could feel them though. One of the worst feelings is to scream and never be heard. I never heard anything. I can still feel the aches of my soul. I can still see my life plumeting. I can still smell and taste my own blood.

I feel the bass speed up. God, I wish I could hear the music. You have no idea how much I love music.

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