Finally, His Question

“Alright.” I reply as he grabs my hand, leading me to the stairs.

Okay, decision time. Do I like seriously like like Derick, or do I just want to make Chad jealous??

Derick leads me through his incredibly large sized house, passing doorway after doorway until we arrive at his room.

“Here it is.” he says, seeming to be proud of all his punk and rock band posters.

“Very..” I take a look at the blood red walls, ”..awesome.”

“I knew you’d like it.” he beamed, “You like Pink Floyd, right?”

Actually, I only said that to impress Chad. But if you heard that..

“Ohmygaush yeah!” I jumped with false joy.

He walked over to his stereo and turned on his CD. Music blared through the speakers in the ceiling, frightening me.

“Haha, weren’t expecting that? Yeah, that happens a lot..” he said, becoming even more nervous by the second – as was I.

“Look, I gotta ask you something.” he says, stepping close and holding my hands.


“I was wondering.. if you wanted to go out with me.”

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