I woke up soaking wet on a cold, hard surface. I dimly remembered swiming down to the cave, with Her help, because at that point I wasn’t in much shape to do anything. I pulled myself up and set out to find Anna. I could feel her nearby.
It didn’t take long for me to find her because at the moment she was screaming at the top of her lungs. “WHAT DID YOU DO ?”
A weak voice answered her, it must have been Her. “I helped him. Please stop screaming.”
I entered their part of the cave. Anna it’s o.k. I thought.
What happened? Please fill me in! she thought desperately.
“I will.” My legs decided they didn’t want to work anymore and gave out.
Anna was at my side in a instant helping me to sit down. “Are you okay?”
Her face was pale with worry.
“He’ll be alright.” I looked up, a girl was making her way towards us. It was definately, Her.
“Hi James, My name is Angela.”
A grin lit up my face. “Hi.”
Anna looked annoyed. “Hi.”

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