Melodrama Maniac {Band Baby 4 Life's Challenge}

“It’s not that big of a deal.” Taylor rolled her eyes.
“Oh, but it is!” Sarah cried,her voice laden with dramatic undertones. “They put GREEN PEPPERS in my omlette!!”
“Oh shock. Oh horror.” Stephanie said dryly.
Sarah sniffed. “I do not appreciate your sarcasm, Stephanie. This is a travesty.”
Taylor and Stephanie rolled their eyes simultaneously.
“I’m going to speak with the head lunch lady about this!” Sarah declared
“But it’s breakfast time.” commented Janice, who liked encouraging Sarah’s dramatic tendencies. “Wouldn’t you have to speak to the head breakfast lady?”
“Quite right, quite right.” Sarah agreed. “I’m off.”


“BUT YOU PUT GREEN PEPPERS IN MY OMELETTE !” Sarah cried dramatically.
“I am quite aware of that Sarah!” said the head lunch- er… breakfast lady in an even more dramatic voice.
“You dare…?!” gasped Sarah.
Her friends listened to the proceedings.
Sarah and the lunch lady definetly have it.” Taylor said.
“MDMD. Melodramatic Maniac Disorder.”

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