Messege Sent

I stared at the words on the computer screen, my hand hovering over the mouse to hit send. Why was I stopping? Why didn’t I just do it? I was scared. I was afraid he hadn’t told me because that kiss hadn’t meant anything. He’d just done it cause he wanted to and he didn’t really like me. But still, I had to know.
messege sent
I sighed, it had certainly been one interesting wednesday. I was glad Wes had stood up for me, I don’t know what I would’ve done if he hadn’t saved me. But I wasn’t sure if I liked him anymore. Maybe a tweency bit, and definately as a friend. That was the smart way to do it. We would be friends, right now, I didn’t need any other relationships anyway.
5 days later:
brriiiiiiing dang alarm clock. I smacked it with my fist, and put my pillow over my head.
My mom came into the room, “Rise and shine honey, it’s the start of a new week! Monday!”
I cringed. Monday! Dam. Blake.

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