Agent West watched as the men he assigned as priests for this ritual scrawled Dho-Nha equations across Dr. Stephanie Gage’s bare flesh. It had taken ten armed men to subdue her, some of whom would be crippled for life. Gage was becoming stronger, and her body would be a fitting vessel for Lilith. Whenever she decided to show up.

Just as West was contemplating what could have possibly delayed his Mistress, his radio chirped. “Agent West,” came a voice that West recognized as Major Rice. “We have Winters and the rest in custody.”

“Good. Make sure you put a gag on the boy, and bring them here immediately. Lilith will want to see them as soon as she arrives.” West smiled. All the pieces were finally falling into place.

“When, exactly, will the Mistress arrive?” One of the priests asked.

“She’ll be here when she’s good and god-damned ready,” West barked. “Back to work!”

A sliver of doubt crept past West’s fanatical resolve. Didn’t she know how hard he had worked for this moment?

What could be keeping Lilith?

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