The Portal

“No I did not.” I glanced at her. “You said you loved me. I never answered.”
Anna looked upset then angry. “ WELL ?
“Well what?” I asked her nervously.
“Do you love me or not.” she said through clenched teeth.
Just then the cave started rumbling, it got more and more violent.
“WHAT’S HAPPENING ?!” Anna screamed over the noise.
“THE PORTAL IS OPENING !!” Angela yelled.
“WHAT PORTAL !?” I demanded.
“GET OVER NEAR ME !! QUICKLY !!!” Angela shrieked.
We crawled over the violently trembling floor towards Angela. She muttered something we couldn’t hear and a white, glowing shield appeared over our heads.
Rocks were falling and the wall in front of us began to crack open, A blue light shone through.
“Oh my God.”

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