Why Can't I Just Talk to Her?

In a matter of two seconds the hand had covered my mouth and eyes, dragged me somewhere, put me in a chair, and tired me up.

“Who are you?” came a deep voice from behind me. I tried to spin towards it, but couldn’t move at all.

“I.. I’m Jarred. Why did you grab me? I was only-” I said, keeping my voice in check. At least they won’t know how scared I am. I can keep my pride.

“That girl is none of your business. You best just leave her be.” The voice said.

“Why? How do you know her? Why can’t I just talk to her?” I asked, completly confused.

“I said, it’s none of your business.” The voice growled.

I sighed. “Then untie me so I can leave.”

“Ha you think were stupid do you? Think we’ll untie you and then youll pull a fast one on us do ya?” The voice laughed.

Then, I heard someone else walk into the room. From where the footsteps were compared to the voice I could tell whoever it was came up behind me. They walked in front of me and gasped.

“Why did you follow me?”

It was her!

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