The Eye of Babylon

“Babalon is sex magick, Blake,” Simon said, warily. “You don’t really expect me to, you know…”

“You’d better not!”, Angela screamed, echoing inside of Simon’s mind.

“Don’t worry, kid,” Blake said, throwing himself to the ground beside Winters. “Got it covered.”

The plan was to make Lilith abandon Angela’s body for a more tempting host, and Blake was hoping to transform Winters into that host. Simon’s Babalon incantation had made Winters an empty vessel, magically speaking, and Blake was going to fill it.

Blake had one tattoo that only his barber had ever seen: an Eye, etched into his scalp. With a little concentration, and an effort of Will, this tat allowed Blake to open a doorway into another person’s psyche. Simon would probably call it a Vulcan Mind Meld. Blake didn’t use it often: the danger of losing your Self inside of someone was too great. But this harebrained scheme was probably their only hope.

Blake kissed Winters like a man giving CPR . He activated his Eye, and poured himself into her…

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