“Who?” He looks around, expecting someone to answer. But everyone just ignores his spontaneous outburst. Some even shuffle away from him, or, at least, as far as they can get in an elevator. Eventually, though, someone always looks slyly at him from the corner of their eye.
He tries to hold it in, but it’s a lost cause. “Who??” Louder, more insistent this time. The whole car tenses. Someone even pushes her destination button again, as if that will make it go faster.
Finally, the door opens. He pushes through the crowd, who willingly spreads to expel this strangeness from their midst.
He tries to keep walking, not looking back. But he inevitably does and it all comes pouring out.
“Who? Who? Who? I can’t help it! It’s whoevatoritis! Who? Who?”
The doors close and those inside heave a collective sigh of relief. One even dares to say, “Who ever heard of that?”
A snicker echoes around the car.
Outside the car, Dan just collects himself, as usual, and vows to take the stairs next time.

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