Present (and Pleasant) Company

Greg and Vicky maintained a steady vigil by Adrien’s bedside, insisting even to sleep in the chairs through the nights. After several days of this, the doctors decided to let it be. The patient did need company, after all.

Regular times throughout the week, the woman would reappear at the room’s threshold to check back on Adrien. It seemed she had been assigned his room. Greg and Vicky would sit, slightly bored but refusing to show it, in the thin faux leather of the room’s seats while the nurse went about her duties. Several times, Vicky could’ve sworn she saw the nurse tracing her finger across Adrien’s face. A surge of jealousy would soon follow.

Adrien, however, seemed to enjoy the nurse’s company, as Greg and Vicky seemed to be limited on the amount of small talk they could conjure. Vicky could even tell that when those delicate footsteps were heard echoing down the hall, Adrien’s face might lift slightly from its downcast composure.

She was thankful to the nurse, but seething as well.

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