The Kiss

She dares command me? Lilith thought, barely noticing that her body had involuntarily stepped towards Winters. Me? A God! the demoness continued in her anger, while she slowly inched closer to the other woman. How dare she? Lilith outraged, finally realizing that her and Winters were practically lip-to-lip. Lilith resisted, but — as if by magnetic force — was finally forced to relent.

I’m being violated, shouted Angela’s disembodied spirit. Hey, Simon, stop watching you dirty git! Simon smiled; Not on your life, his sole reply.

The two women separated from their impassioned embrace, a spider web strand of saliva still connecting them. Lilith swooned; That was a kiss, she thought.

And then she realized it.

“You stole my power!” Lilith screamed. Winters’ body was beginning to burn hot with magickal force.

“Baron,” Blake shouted, “how ya doin’?”

“Bettah,” the Haitian replied.

“Good. Now rip that intruding bitch out of my Little Sis,” Blake ordered.

“This I can do,” The Baron grinned.

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