My Shoes

There they were. I see them. Exactly the pair of shoes I’ve been looking all over town for. I walk towards them casually. Another women beats me to them. Oh well, were probably not the same size.

Both of us are seaching through the racks to find the size we want. Aha! Found them. I reach out to grab the pair in my size. The only pair. Just as I get my hand on the box the other lady grabs hold too. Oh great..

“S’cuse me Miss. I think I had these first.” I say politly.

“Oh. I don’t think you did, lady. I was pulling these off the shelf before you even saw them.” She replies.

“Ma’am. I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken. These are mine..” I tell her, ever so sweetly.
“No, you didn’t.” She says yanking them out of my hand.

“Okay, look. I have been all over town today looking for these shoes. Can I please just have them?” I say, dropping all signs of being nice.

“Nope.” She kept walking.

I couldn’t believe her. I had those first. And they were 75% off too. A steal! The nerve of some people.

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