Through The Portal

As I followed Anna towards the portal I thought about what she had said.
Well?? Do you love me or not?
I wish that I knew. Angela took my hand and I instinctively pulled it away. I barely know her!
We stepped through the portal, Anna was there on the other side waiting.
“It’s beautiful.”
“Welcome to Lyllanya.” Angela said.
It was a city, sparkling and green. Not like the concrete jungles Anna and I had seen on Earth, everything looked natural.
“Everything here is natural.” Angela said as if she had read my thoughts. “Come, I must take you to my father.”
James, there’s so much we need to know. I don’t trust her. Anna mind-spoke.
I know. But she was the one that took over my mind to get rid of Them. We have no choice but to trust her.
Anna seemed to resign herself. I guess if you think it will be all right.
“Welcome to my Father’s House.”

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