“Morning Father!” Angela sang. “I brought someone to meet you. Dad, this is James.”

“It’s very nice to meet you James. And who is this lovely young lady?” Her father asked jesturing towards me.

“Oh, her She’s Anna.” Angelica said with a slight hint of resentment.

“Anya!” Her father cired. His eyes took in my sopping hair, sagging clothes, and goose-bumped skin. “Angelica! Look at this poor girl. She’s shaking. Go. Fetch her new clothes. We must take care of our ‘guests.’ I apoligize for my daughter’s behavior, dear Anya.”

“Sir, why do you pronounce my name ‘Anya,’ like your world?” I asked shyly.

“Why! Because the name Anya, or Anna as you say it, here means Goddess, or beauty.” He said smiling kindly.

“I guess I can see why Angelica hates me…” I muttered.

“Oh, she’s just upset that she can’t be the one to save us all.” Her father said rising from his seat. “Here let me show you around and explain.”

“Sure.” I said following him, James trailing behind.

Wait save them?!

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