The Proposition {Part 1}

Everyone stared at Lilith. No one moved, except Simon, who raged against his bonds, tears in his eyes.

“This girl is special to you, yes?” Lilith said, the gun pressed to her head. “I would hate to damage such a perfect body, but I thought that this would be the only way to get your attention.”

“You’re bluffing, bitch,” Blake spat. “You need Angie’s body to survive.”

“There are levels of survival that I am prepared to accept. And there are more bodies to inhabit. But there is only one Angie. Right, Magus?” This last, Lilith said to Simon, a knowing smirk on her lips. She waved her free hand, and Simon’s bonds and gag turned to smoke. “You’ve longed to be reunited with your precious Helen for so long, Magus, it would be a tragedy to lose her again, wouldn’t it?”

Simon got to his feet, rubbing his wrists. “What the frak are you talking about?” he asked.

Lilith shook her head. “A pity. With each incarnation, you become that much more stupid. I have a proposition, Magus. You’d be wise to hear me out.”

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