Metatron waits

Even now Lilith was angst-ridden regarding being underestimated. And yet this, her pride of power, had blinded her; it was she who had underestimated Him.

Metatron, the Voice of God, the bush that burns, the lesser YHVH . Not a mere angel nor archangel nor even lowly seraphim; Metatron was unique, a primordial creation… the Lesser Tetragrammaton, the junior Jehovah, the secondary Yahweh.

It was Metatron who spoke in the Garden of Eden, who prevented the sacrifice of Isaac, who orated on the cusp of Mount Sinai. Man could not survive the sights or sounds of The Creator, thus The Creator crafted Metatron out of Himself…

Metatron could no more betray the Ineffable Plan than He could betray himself. He had listened to Lilith’s proposal and taken His leave, as the Plan had instructed. And He knew what happened next. He waited.

The ancient pacts held; Metatron would not directly interfere with free will, could not use His power. But that didn’t mean His power couldn’t be used. He waited for them to realize this.

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