Snapshots Recovered from the Flood

Dorthy drove home from the bar, back to the house of her (hopefully soon to be ex-) husband. It was her house too, she was on the title, but she’d give it to him, as long as she got to keep her daughters.

She’d give him the car she was riding in, too, if that’s what it took. She just couldn’t stand having her babies around him any longer. He was always yelling at Lyn, who was only 7, she didn’t know she was making a mess. And he smacked Joyce for walking out of the house. She’s only two!!! And he’s the one who fell asleep again.

As Dorthy drove up to the large, dark brown house, she glanced at the time. 3 am…oh well, it’s not like he cares any more anyway. Wait…what’s that in our driveway?? OH MY GOD !!! Joyce!! Dorthy stopped quickly on the street and scooped up her little girl.

“What were you doing, Joyce?”

“Mommy! I playin basketball!”

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