Professions in Study Hall

“Psst, Janie.”
“Eric? Shh, Ms. Stone will hear.”
“It’s only study hall. Besides, it’s important.”
“Sigh. What is it, Eric?”
“You might be a little surprised.”
“So whispering in study hall is really the best way to discuss it?”
“I finally worked up the nerve.”
“Your nerves have sucky timing, like when you puked during the pep rally.”
“I blame the cafeteria, but that’s not the same kind of thing. This is big...well, two bigs.”
“Is this another one of your epiphanies about how the universe works or how the government should work?”
“No, no, no, totally different. Though I did have an idea about…”
“Right. Sorry. I should just come out with it…them. The two big things. Which one first?”
“I don’t know what they are!”
“Hehe, right. Ready?”
“Okay, here goes. Janie, I love you…you know, that way.”
“Ew! Eric, you’re my brother!”
“Is there a problem, Miss Humphry?”
“Um, no Ms. Stone.”
“Shut it. You’re my brother. Stop creeping me out.”
“But, that’s the other big.”

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