Things Don't Fall Apart on Their Own

Someone I trust once told me that things simply do not fall apart on their own. “So what did you do?” they asked. “So what did you do?”

Lately I have begun to doubt.

And now I sit here on the curb staring at my hands, wondering if it really is such a simple thing. The world has choked on me and now everything has stopped, and in this moment, all there is is me, sitting on this curb, staring at my hands.

What did I do?

What did I do?

The world is out of joint and I don’t even know what’s happening any more. Maybe doing nothing is even worse than doing something.

Maybe in the end it all falls apart anyway.

My hands. Something about my hands. There’s something important here, I know there is. Something important.

What did I do?

Falling apart. Something’s… falling apart.

And what’s going on? And how come nothing’s moving? And where did all the people go?

Something. There’s something important here.

My hands…

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