Aww Hannah

Everybody started talking at once:

“I was there I saw the who-”

“And then she totally made ou-”

“But he didn’t tell me at all and neith-”

“WTH is this?”

I heard nothing but the last comment.

“Who said that?!” I yelled. The girls looked around at each other. Then again, it didn’t sound like a girls’ voice..

We all rose to the standing position and searched the room. The voice was close, the person’s close – now only to find him.

“O-M-G. You’ve gotta be KIDDING ME !” Hannah yells, looking out the window.

We all rush over to see Hannah’s beau, or, ex-beau, depending on where the situation goes, was standing outside.

“Jared! Get out of here, that’s called stalking!” I yell to him. He was not helping.

“I just wanted to say that Hannah – I love you.”

We all ‘Awwww’d and turned our heads to face Hannah, daring her to answer his plea.

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