To Dance Forever (MBTM's Vampire Challenge)

In a darkened corner of the hall Alasdair watched her dance. She had such grace… such beauty. Her hair shone like a flame as it fell in perfect ringlets around her shoulders. Such a shade of red as he had never seen.

He felt prickles of jealousy as he watched a succession of men place their rough hands on her tiny waist and lead her around the dance floor. The last man moved so clumsily that he caused her to stumble. Enough!

Alasdair moved in and took over the dance. Pulling her too close to him to be decent in the eyes of society, he whirled her back towards his dark corner. Her green eyes looked up at him, shining with excitement.

“Now, Master?”

“Yes my love. Now.”

A faint smile crossed her lips and she tilted her head to the side. She felt his lip on her neck, followed quickly by the prick of teeth. Then she felt nothing but the divine swoon as he pulled the heady liquid from her body. A voice called to her from far above the darkness.

“Now drink of me my love. Dance with me forever.”

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