Dearly departed Treo

My sweet friend, yours is such a tragic loss. I will miss holding you close, touching your sleek body, hearing your steady voice and gazing into your bright face. You were always there for me, anxious to help me find my way. Some days were tougher than others but you never stopped keeping me organized, reminding me of things to do and people to see.

Finding you in such a state was horrifying. I had needs and you weren’t receptive. Your buttons, once so smooth and agile, elicited no response at all. Maybe I should have begged them to make you well again but the nice man offered me a free upgrade. Please try to understand how I had to move on. He offered a 700wx for free, damn it!

Just know that I will always remember you fondly, old friend. Well, except for those shenanigans at the end.

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