Life, as we know it

Tom stumbled as he came out of the dining hall, raising his arms for balance.

I’ve got to study for my chemistry test this afternoon he thought, scanning the foyer for his classmates.

Oh, there’s Barry! I wonder if he’s started studying yet? he asked himself. As he walked he began to listen to their conversation.

Wow, Barry’s voice is kinda irritating Tom thought to himself, I kinda want him to stop talking. Actually, I hate that. That is the most irritating thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Why won’t he stop talking like that? He needs to stop. Maybe he’ll stop if I bite him.

Barry looked up from his conversation to see Tom stumbling towards him, arms held forward and hands dangling loosely. Turning back to his friends, he continued talking.

When Barry he noticed that Tom was coming straight for him. He lacked the initiative to keep Tom from slamming into him, his mouth closing on his shoulder.

And thus began the infamous Zombie Apocalypse of 2007.

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