Jenunique's 50th (actually 51st) Ficlet Challenge

Okay. 50 ficlets snuck up on me. Time to issue a challenge.

drumroll please

For Jenunique’s 50th challenge. Write a story inspired by the freaky picture on the right. I can see many “things” in this photo and I want to know what you see.

It could be funny, horrifying, sad, happy… hmm…maybe, or whatever this photo inspires you to write.

I don’t think I will pick a “winner.” But you never know. Note: Because of my randomness (reference The Art of Being a Jennifer) I could decide that I need a winner. No deadline, and favorites/ winners are subject to change.

Have fun, be creative and above all have fun.

(Yeah, I do realize that “have fun” are two of my criteria; before anyone points that out.)

I think I need a song:

While strolling through the woods one day,
Came a-cross a freaky thing I said, “Heeeeey!”
Well, it caught me by surprise,
Sorta had some wooden eyes;
And hands that seemed to reach my waaaaay.

Sing to the tune of “Strolling Through the Park One Day”

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