The Pleading Gaunt

“No, no, Barb, stop!”

She took the safety off the rifle and aimed at what she expected was the thing’s brain. She spoke out of one side of her mouth. “Why should I, and how do you know my name?”

“I told you, Barb, I got turned into this monster as a result of a nuclear explosion while I was at my battle today. I was against some Gaunts, you know? So I got turned into this.”

“I don’t believe you. Everyone knows my boyfriend plays 40k. What do you know that no one else would?”

“I know you’re a good shot, and very proud of it.”

She smirked, which was incredibly unusual for her, but one side of her face was pressed up against her boyfriend’s rifle.

“I also know that belongs to me, and you don’t use it very well, but you’d very much like to learn. And I also know you like my boots, though sadly they’re not in the best of shape right now.” He pointed with a claw to a pair of split and torn leather boots on what appeared to be his feet.

She dropped the gun and ran over to hug the beast tightly. “I love you.”

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